Executive Search for digitally transforming companies.

BartonRock recruits and advises senior executives for digitally transforming companies. Specialising across a range of disciplines where data-driven decision making is a key determinant for growth.

BartonRock Digital recruitment
BartonRock digital recruitment

Solving your problems.

Data-driven decision making is the foundation of every digitally ambitious business and the difference data-savvy executives can make to your company is significant.

The shortage of and competition for this talent which can help your company survive and thrive is a major limitation for growth. BartonRock identifies the highest calibre executives via a deep, wide and trusted international network.

Using the ‘ROCK leadership‘ framework, talent which will make a difference to your business are selected.

The BartonRock onboarding plan that incorporates executive coaching, maximises the opportunity for a successful outcome. By mitigating the risk, you retain high calibre data-savvy executives.

BartonRock digital recruitment

What makes us different?

Business insight:

20+ years’ experience means I’ve covered a lot. As a business leader myself, steering global recruitment companies I relate to your people challenges and the importance of getting it right. My executive search achievements have included a range of sectors and disciplines internationally.

Nimble process:

To operate quickly and flexibly without compromising quality is imperative to me. My success is built on transparency and collaboration and you’ll see this in action in many forms including the technology BartonRock uses.

Get results:

You work directly with me. I pride myself on highly personalised service with sound advice and will challenge conventional thinking so that we jointly determine what success looks like for your next executive hire.

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