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Are you assessing your leaders for a digital mindset

‘If you’re not busy being born you’re busy dying’

When you read a quote like this, it looks scary. But digital transformation doesn’t have to mean wholesale reinvention.

The point is we have to be continually challenging the status quo, looking for new, better ways of delivering our product or service

There is a danger sign though and I see this regularly.

It’s called leadership mindset.

If you have the type of leaders who think digital change is a bit too hard and digital disruption isn’t going to impact the company on their watch, then you have a problem

It’s not a level playing field for digital change across industries. Some sectors are admittedly affected more than others

However, there is always a digital threat lurking around the corner.

The retail sector was reminded of this recently with Temu, part of Chinese e-commerce giant PDD, which launched in the UK under 4 months ago and allows consumers effectively to buy from suppliers direct. It has already seen 9 million downloads.

You will form your own opinion of Temu but it’s just recent one example of why complacency has no place in our increasingly digital world

And why companies need to be continually assessing their leaders for digital mindset and hiring in fresh thinking to challenge that status quo

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