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Are you distracted by digital transformation?

A recent McKinsey report highlighted that ‘’most organisations achieve less than one-third of the impact they expected from recent digital investments.’’

Does this explain the reluctance of some companies to invest more seriously in digital?

If business performance is tracking reasonably well, is the mindset: “Why interfere with this?’’ And “Will digital investments become a distraction?’’

Many scale-ups don’t have the digital expertise to broach transformation and are worried about the ROI from digital investments. Perhaps the McKinsey findings vindicate this position?

It doesn’t require a company to go ‘all in’ on digital transformation, but having digital leadership on your bench can make all the difference. Successful digital transformation requires a leadership team to anticipate and implement the structural changes needed companywide and further down the line.

Taking smaller steps towards digital transformation might not sound as ambitious, but it enables teams within scaling companies to grow, deliver, and evolve as a business rather than fall short in implementation.

Projecting a digitally progressive employment brand also helps attract better talent to the business – including in areas outside the digital domain.

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