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Build or buy your high-performing team?

Do you need to build or buy your high-performing team?

I was recently interviewed for NewlandRock‘s The Leadership Effectiveness Podcast – Hosted by Kate Thomas about building high-performing teams. Here are some of my thoughts from the episode.

Many high-growth retail and consumer companies I work with face a challenge: the team that has got them to where they are isn’t the one to take them through their next growth phase.

As the CEO, being honest with the business and making difficult decisions is important. When going through a transformation phase, having a fresh perspective from new blood coming into the business, particularly if you’re going through digital change, is critical. Therefore, an external hire becomes imperative.

Getting to that point, having the conviction to make the call to shake up your leadership team that may have been with you for many years is a tough barrier for a CEO to break through. Sometimes, it requires third-party support and an external sounding board to help the CEO make those challenging decisions.

Some CEOs I work with are talking about hires that might be one to two years away. But they’re having difficult conversations now to gain perspective and insights on what other companies in their space are doing.  Leadership change must also be handled delicately, and it can take time.

My advice is to be brave and get comfortable being unpopular for some time to take the organisation where it needs to go.

The skill of a CEO is somebody who recognises their limitations and that sometimes they need objectivity. A strong Chief People Officer offers this objectivity and can challenge convention.

Some CEOs create a culture where people can be scared to speak up. And that’s when you know you’re doing yourself a disservice as CEO because you’re not getting the insights you need to make the required leadership changes. Again, the partnership between the Chief People Officer and the CEO is critical.

What people change could be pivotal to drive the next phase of growth?

This question will help you scroll forward one to two years and confront the challenging scenario of equipping yourself with the strongest leadership team possible.

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