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Candidate Experience Impacts The Quality Of A Leadership Hire

Half the people I approach on searches aren’t actively looking for a job change.

The best candidate isn’t always the one not looking for a job, of course

But to hook great people, whether you’re hiring directly or via a search firm requires recognition that the process is a two-way street. We all know how much customer experience matters to us. How it shapes our decision to engage with a brand or company

Candidate experience is no different and has a very direct correlation on the ability hire your preferred leader

It’s especially important for mid-sized companies that don’t have the draw of a big employer brand

It’s not just about the obvious things: clarity and efficiency of hiring process, timely feedback, avoiding long gaps between interviews and having an inspiring vision.

It’s the whole experience and how it makes the candidate feel: ‘’I really want to be part of this’’

In my 25+ years of working in executive search, the companies who recognise that candidate experience really matters are the ones who hire the best people. And after all, in spite of all the technological advances, how many companies still cite people as their biggest differentiator?

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