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Digital is not a silver bullet

In this week’s episode of Digital Careers, my guest is Ben Rhodes, former-Group Marketing Director of Royal Mail in the UK.

We discuss: Digital is not a silver bullet for companies.

‘Digital’ is often a word thrown around as if it’s the apparent solution to many companies’ problems. However, it is far from straightforward and is certainly not a magic switch that can transform a company’s fortunes. This podcast illustrates that for digital to be effective, there is a range of other considerations that companies must be factored in and executed well.

How much oversimplification do you believe exists with companies seeking to embrace digital?

How does the energetic fervour towards digital, risk masquerading itself as a strategy?

What are the ideal conditions for digital to give companies the greatest impact?

The things in his experience Ben’s found hardest to achieve for companies digitally transforming?

What Ben’s learnt about hiring within digital?

My thanks to Ben for being part of Digital Careers.

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