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Do you have a balanced leadership team in 2024?

We’ve all witnessed first-hand how a well-aligned and empowered team drives organisational success. I suspect we’ve seen the fallout from continuing with leadership that doesn’t fit and underperforms.

How often have you reflected on the balance of your team?

Here’s my advice on how to evaluate this for the year ahead.

C-suite success is, in part, based on assembling complementary leadership. You don’t want too much of the same thing – skill sets or leadership styles. Otherwise, you’ll have a lopsided team. Defining the top-team roles combined with the quantifiable outcomes sought is critical. Sometimes, the team that has got you to this growth stage can’t scale the business through the next phase.

Do you need to hire a fresh eye, a hungry, curious leader ready to tackle something new and make a dent – perhaps in your digital transformation? Or a more experienced leader who has previously scaled businesses and can take you to the next period of growth?

How balanced is your culture? Is your leadership collaborative, or are they working too much within their vertical areas of responsibility? Companies are increasingly operating matrixed structures and evidence of influencing laterally across organisations is sought after in hiring processes. A shared company vision and purpose has game-changing results, allowing leaders to understand and measure their contribution.

Much of this may be difficult to answer, and I strongly encourage seeking external perspectives. Leadership Effectiveness Expert Kate Thomas from sister company NewlandRock takes leadership assessment further using behavioural science-based techniques. This investment can be invaluable in arriving at a balanced team that delivers results.

I’d like to give you a final thought to reflect on.

With the benefit of hindsight, how often do we say to ourselves: ‘Why didn’t I act sooner on leadership change’? We instinctively know change is necessary. But avoiding confrontation and hoping the situation will improve frequently delays the inevitable.

I wish you the best as you embrace the necessary change in your business in 2024.

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