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Does remote working mean you have no passion, attachment, or creativity?…

L’Oréal’s CEO, Nicolas Hieronimus, recently caused a stir when he voiced his dissatisfaction with work-from-home policies during a speech at the World Economic Forum, claiming that remote working implies a lack of passion, attachment, and creativity.

Amazon has said it will block employees from promotions if they do not return to the office. The company issued instructions to managers stating employees who want to climb the career ladder must have a higher office-to-home ratio.

UK entrepreneur and media celebrity, Sir Alan Sugar has recently stated; ‘You don’t learn on a Mac at home in your pyjamas. Working from home is bad for morale and for learning – you learn from others in the office like I did.’

💡Does being present in your role mean being ‘present’ in the workplace in 2024?

How much is proximity bias influencing promotions?

According to research cited by Raconteur magazine, a survey of C-suite executives in the US last year found that remote workers were less likely to be considered for promotion in their firms.

Whilst the pandemic gave the office a huge reset, and a chance to re-evaluate what role in-person work means, we must ensure it doesn’t exclude top talent that choose to take up flexible working options.

◾️ Does proximity equate to productivity? For companies prioritising digital transformation, ensuring that this also extends to embracing new ways of working, connecting and collaborating is crucial.

◾️ Focusing on talent retention is key. Creating virtual communities and elevating team identity and development is central to ensuring cultural cohesion.

◾️ Creating an effective hybrid team means creating an inclusive culture where everyone feels their voice is heard.

Most of my mid-sized / scaleup retail and consumer clients are seeking a happy medium – typically 3 days in the office and 2 days flexible/home working. But there has certainly been a marked trend across various industries during the last 12 months for more time spent in the office.

Where do you sit on the work from home debate?

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