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Five Interview Questions To Stand Out From The Crowd

As one of the final 2 candidates for a role, how can you ask a question that not only sets you apart but also empowers you to take control of the conversation?

When it comes to your questions, remember that they can often be more memorable than your answers to their questions. This is your opportunity to leave a lasting impression and show your value. So, invest the time to prepare your plan for using this valuable brand-building opportunity.

Deciding ahead of time on two or three messages you want to drive home is a powerful strategy.


You may be the hiring organisation on the receiving end of these well-prepared questions.

Have you successfully prepared for some of the questions you may get at the end of a lengthy interview process? You’d be surprised how many organisations are unprepared for a killer question from the candidate side.

It’s essential to have a plan for how you’ll respond. Hiring is a two-way street; both parties are buying each other. Your preparation shows respect for the candidate’s time and effort and helps you make a more informed decision.

Here are five great questions for candidates to ask or for organisations to be prepared for.

1: What would success look like for me in this role in the first 6-12 months?

This is a chance for a company to demonstrate commitment to and investment in onboarding and a clear progression path. It can also highlight how performance will be measured.

2. Can you provide examples of successful projects or initiatives led by previous individuals in this role?

This is a great chance for the candidate to get a real sense of the scope and feel of the role and the potential decision-making authority.

3. Can you describe a recent challenge the team faced and how they adapted their strategy to overcome it?

This shows how agile and adaptive the company & your potential team are to change.

4. What do new employees typically find surprising after they start?

This question can be a useful way of uncovering company culture or anything unexpected about the potential new workplace.

5. What soft skills do you feel would add value to this role?

This question demonstrates you understand how important these key skills are for driving effective leadership & navigating team dynamics.

Remember, hiring is a two-way street; both parties are buying each other. If you are a hiring organisation, it also pays to be prepared.

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