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How can you reduce the risk in executive hiring?

Slow down!

I’ve seen it time and again. Someone looks and sounds the part; they have a strong CV and depth of industry experience.

You connect with them personally, and you even have similar interests. It’s a perfect match!

This is gut-feeling talking, and it’s one of the biggest contributors to a poor hiring decision at leadership level.

It’s an encouraging start, and your instincts may well be correct. Whilst instinct can serve entrepreneurial businesses on occasion. When hiring leaders, not everything may be as it seems.

You only need one shrewd step to add an additional layer of confidence.

Have you evaluated how they do what they do?

* How do they lead teams?
* How do they make decisions under pressure?
* What’s their approach to stakeholder management?

25 years in the recruitment and search industry has taught me that many techniques to assess the selection of leaders can be relatively superficial.

This is where behavioural science assessment comes in.

Our sister company NewlandRock plays a critical role in partnering with BartonRock searches to provide the most rigorous executive search solution available to our clients, providing a cost-effective additional layer of confidence to your hiring decision with an evidence based recommendation.

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