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  • Has change management become harder?

    Has change management become harder? It was a question posed to me recently by a CEO going through a digital transformation The rationale for the question was based on the gap…

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  • Are you assessing your leaders for a digital mindset

    ‘If you’re not busy being born you’re busy dying’ When you read a quote like this, it looks scary. But digital transformation doesn’t have to mean wholesale reinvention. The point…

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  • Don’t confuse digitising with digital transformation

    Don’t confuse digitising with digital transformation when you’re hiring…. I see this countless times with companies. When you’re looking to hire a new digital leader as part of your transformation…

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  • The strategy is delivery

    Many of the searches I handle call for leaders to drive strategy. My immediate response is to ask what I would observe at that company when someone is driving strategy….

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  • Is the founder of a company always the best person to be CEO?

    Is the founder of a company always the best person to be CEO? Company founders can be inspirational – as much for what they don’t do as what they do….

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  • 6 Tips for CMOs wanting to move to the CEO role

    I recently posted a link to an article by Raconteur debating why there are so few CEOs within the UK’s FTSE 100 who were former CMOs It sparked some good debate on LinkedIn, so I…

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  • How much have you hired from outside your sector?

      A leadership team becomes really powerful when there are complementary skills and experience. I was hiring a senior marketing leader recently and the brief was all about the position…

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  • Why aren’t more CMOs getting the CEO role?

    Why aren’t more CMOs getting the CEO role? Raconteur published an article: ‘What’s stopping marketers getting the CEO role’ which got me reflecting on the numerous CMOs I’ve placed who haven’t (yet) made the…

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  • Hiring a senior leader is a two-way process

    Hiring a senior leader is a two-way process. Sure, you’re buying – but the person on the other side of the desk is buying too There is no such thing…

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  • Candidate Experience Impacts The Quality Of A Leadership Hire

    Half the people I approach on searches aren’t actively looking for a job change. The best candidate isn’t always the one not looking for a job, of course But to…

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  • How can you reduce the risk in executive hiring?

    Slow down! I’ve seen it time and again. Someone looks and sounds the part; they have a strong CV and depth of industry experience. You connect with them personally, and…

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  • Is your growth story attracting great executive talent?

    Vision statements can be very polarising. I spoke with one senior executive recently who described her company as ‘full of unbridled ambition, but completely and utterly unattainable’. It was fair…

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  • 7 Steps To Supercharge Your Hiring Strategy

    Hiring the right senior executives is hard – particularly when the candidates who have the ability to drive your business success aren’t easy to access. HR functions are typically run…

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  • The Great Retention

    The Great Retention of 2023

    What will be the most pressing demands in the executive hiring space in 2023? Following the digital advances of the last few years coupled with the impact of staff attrition,…

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  • What Impression Are You Creating Through Your Hiring Process?

    Your hiring process isn’t a democracy Goldman Sachs became famous for running incredibly long hiring processes, sometimes stretching to 15 meetings. If one hiring manager said no then it was…

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  • How To Manage A Career Gap

    How Do You Manage a Career Gap or ‘Blip’ on your CV?

    More than ever I’m meeting very capable senior executives with a gap or ‘squiggle’ on their resume….. Firstly, it’s important this isn’t perceived as a negative that dents your confidence….

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  • 7 Key Steps To Hiring A New Leader

    Can they do the job? Do they want the job? Will they fit the culture?’ I landed on this basic framework early in my recruitment and search career. It’s admittedly…

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  • 4 Key Observations On The Hiring Landscape in 2022

    I’ve not seen a time when companies need expertise in hiring, development, and retention of their people more than they do now. Here are 4 reasons why: Kicking off BartonRock…

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  • What Is Disrupting Our Top Tech Talent To Join The Great Resignation?

    “The pause button was pressed. Executives want to keep their skills current and companies are struggling to keep up” In the world of digital and tech the impact of the…

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  • 3 Types Of Digital Leader

    The Three Types Of Digital Leader

    Buying behaviour is altering faster than ever before with e-commerce set to be the biggest business disruptor. Between 2019 and 2023 online spending will almost double from US $3.5 trillion…

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  • Chief Data Officer

    Is The Chief Data Officer The CMO of the Future?

    With almost every CMO brief I now take, there is an emphasis on data literacy. That doesn’t mean the shortlist should be full of data scientists, but companies are increasingly…

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  • THe Great Resignation Podcast

    What Is Disrupting Our Top Tech Talent?

    How Can You Protect Your Top Digital Talent from The Great Resignation? I was recently a guest on Kate Thomas’ Leadership Effectiveness Podcast where we discussed the impact  the Great…

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  • Developing Executive Presence

    7 Steps To Developing Your Executive Presence

    A characteristic that so many of my clients seek in senior leaders is executive presence. No more so than in roles that influence digital change and company transformation. It’s also…

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  • Why Do Most CMOs Fail?

    How Can CEOs Reduce CMO Failure?

    In my new video series ‘Success in The C-Suite’, I offer seven recommendations to companies and individuals alike to build a winning formula for CMO hiring.  In this clip, I…

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  • Why Do CMOs Fail?

    Why do so many CMOs fail? According to Harvard Business Review, 80% of CEOs don’t trust or are unimpressed by their chief marketing officers. Not surprisingly, therefore, CMOs have one…

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  • Guy Day - 8 Questions To Shape Your 2022 Digital Agenda

    8 Questions To Shape Your 2022 Digital Agenda

    Working within the digital executive search field offers valuable insights into the thinking of business leaders especially when it comes to digital transformation. Many of my clients are grappling with…

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  • Midlife Career Change

    Are You Ready to Make a Midlife Career Leap?

    The pandemic created a pause. A time for all of us to reflect and expand our thinking on what we really want to do moving forwards, how we want to…

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  • Online Experience

     The ‘New Retail’ Revolution Meets FMCG

    If you haven’t heard the term ‘new retail’ yet, then you will soon. The pandemic forced a rapid online shift in online buying behaviour, but this term was first created…

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  • Lady With Arms Crossed

    Are You Recruiting For Your Culture of The Future?

    How often do you question your company culture and the impact that has on your recruitment decisions? The impact of Covid-19 on company culture and how we grow and develop…

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  • How Has Data Changed The Role Of The CMO

    How Data Has Streamlined the Role Of the CMO

    Just a few years ago the technology, sales & marketing functions would have all be clearly defined. With the avalanche of data now available, these roles have become inextricably blended,…

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  • Gender Diversity Image

     Addressing The Gender Diversity Challenge Within Data & Tech

    “It is reported that the UK is maintaining its lead as one of the world’s premier centres for tech of all kinds, a recognised hotbed for tech talent, where the…

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  • Agile Leadership Style

    Do You Hire Your Leaders On Gut Feeling Or Evidence?

    In this challenging time of change and uncertainty the need for strong and effective leadership in the workplace has never been more important. In this article I interview Kate Thomas…

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  • Woman using digital app

    Digitally Designing Our ‘New Normal’ Tech Experience

    Our interactions have changed. Not just over the last 18 months with each other, but also with how we interact with businesses, organisations, retailers, and brands. Our dependence on our…

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  • A Pandemic of Redundancies? – A Recruiter’s View

    With restrictions now easing and businesses able to take a more positive approach to recruitment again, I am conscious that many senior executives have still not found their way back…

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  • The Art & Science of Customer Loyalty – An Expert’s View

    The retail landscape & psychology behind customer behaviour in 2021 has shifted beyond anything experts could have predicted. Whilst the ongoing pandemic has undoubtedly accelerated the growth of online shopping,…

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  • Insurance; Marisa Murton; Digital Careers

    The Data Opportunity In Insurance

    In this week’s episode, my guest is insurance sector data scientist, Marisa Murton who spent much of her career with UK insurance group, Aviva. Marisa now runs her own data…

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  • Retail Loyalty – on the line now as never before

    In this week’s episode, my guest is Global Loyalty Leader, Bryan Pearson. Bryan, who is Canada-based, is also an author, thought-leader and contributor to as well as adviser to…

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  • High effective digital leaders

    Highly Effective Digital Leaders

    In this week’s episode,  my guest is Kate Thomas, Founder of Leadership Effectiveness company, NewlandRock.   We discuss ‘Highly effective digital leaders’   In particular the challenges digital leaders face in companies today…

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  • Launching and growing digital product

    Launching & Growing New Digital Products

    In this week’s episode of Digital Careers, my guest is Karen Plumb, former Director of Commercial and Digital Marketing at Premier Inn in the UK and part of Whitbread. We…

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  • Highly effective digital leaders

    7 Recruitment Trends within Digital

    In this week’s episode of Digital Careers, I talk through seven trends I’m seeing within digital jobs, recruitment and executive search. 7 recruitment trends within digital This covers: • 2020…

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  • NewlandRock leadership effectiveness

    NewlandRock launch in leadership effectiveness

    LONDON, 11th January 2021. Guy Day, Founder of BartonRock, announced today that sister company NewlandRock has been launched to specialise in leadership effectiveness. Focusing across the UK and internationally, NewlandRock’s…

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  • Digital is not a silver bullet

    Digital is not a silver bullet

    In this week’s episode of Digital Careers, my guest is Ben Rhodes, former-Group Marketing Director of Royal Mail in the UK. We discuss: Digital is not a silver bullet for…

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  • Managing Cyber Risk

    Leading through crisis with former-NCA Head

    In this week’s episode of Digital Careers, I continue my discussion with guest, Jim Stokley who is former Deputy Director for the National Crime Agency’s National Cyber Crime Unit. We…

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  • Managing Cyber Risk

    Managing Cyber Risk with Former-NCA Head

    Cyber risk is a considerable challenge for companies today. In this week’s episode of Digital Careers, my guest is Jim Stokley who is former Deputy Director for the National Crime…

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  • Humanising Data in Business

    In this week’s episode of Digital Careers, my guest is Daryl D’Cruz who is Founder of data consultancy Hexdon. We discuss: Humanising data in business. In this episode we cover:…

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  • Purpose as part of digital transformation

    Purpose and 20 transformative companies

    When reflecting on purpose in the context of company transformations, it reminded me of a recent podcast I ran on Digital Disruption: buzzword or reality? where we explored the validity…

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  • Digital disruption - buzzword or reality

    Digital Disruption, buzzword or reality?

    In this week’s episode of Digital Careers, my guest is John Murnane who is an Enterprise Technology leader having worked for companies such as Infra, VMware, EMC and most recently…

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  • Digital careers

    Digital Careers Guest Compilation

    In this Digital Careers special episode, we have taken an excerpt from each of my previous 8 guests to produce a compilation: Digital Careers and Recruitment Advice Special. All guests…

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  • Open to work digital

    ‘Open to work’ digital candidates: a unique opportunity

    Some of those individuals ‘open to work’ are amongst the most talented and exciting out there. Candidates not just in the UK, it’s Asia, Europe and the US. We’re currently…

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  • The changing b2B buyer journey

    Changing B2B buyer engagement within Tech

    ‘Changing B2B buyer engagement within the tech sector’ In this week’s episode of Digital Careers Meets, my guest is Sydney-based Head of Marketing & Sales Development for Dynatrace in Asia-Pac,…

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  • Countering Amazon's threat in grocery retail

    Countering Amazon’s Digital Advance in Grocery Retail

    In this week’s episode of Digital Careers Meets, my guest is US-based Founder of Tomorrow Retail Consulting and former Walmart e-commerce China leader, Jordan Berke. We discuss: ‘Countering Amazon’s advance…

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  • Digital detox

    Time for a digital detox?

    What are the benefits of a digital detox? In my job, apart from advising on digital hiring, I often act as a sounding board for senior executives. Sometimes it’s broader…

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  • Hiring Digital Entrepreneurs

    In this week’s episode of Digital Careers Meets, my guest is Sydney, Australia-based Richard Spencer, Digital Entrepreneur and now Chief Customer Experience Officer for Business Australia. We discuss: ‘Hiring Digital…

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  • Digital culture

    A digital future does not include disconnecting with your people

    I listened to an Economist Podcast recently, where novelist Martin Amis described the life of a writer as being based on solitude and not on community. He highlighted that his…

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  • Digital influences within logistics

    The Digital Influences within Logistics

    In this week’s episode of Digital Careers Meets, we discuss: ‘The Digital Influences within Logistics’. My guest is Steve Thompsett, Chief Customer Officer, Asia-Pacific for DHL’s supply chain business. In…

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  • Digital hiring

    Digital Hiring: 5 things visionary leaders should do

    In my ‘Thoughts’ episode from the Digital Careers podcast last week I discussed 3 themes from conversations I’m having with my C-suite clients. To re-cap they were: (1) Dealing with…

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  • New retail and digital's time to shine

    New retail and digital’s time to shine

    In this week’s episode of ‘Digital Careers Meets’, we discuss: ‘New retail and digital’s time to shine. What does this mean for FMCG?’. My guest is Sharon Hill, E-Commerce &…

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  • Digital themes

    Three themes from conversations with C-suite clients

      Three themes from the C-suite Recently, I’ve read countless articles stating: ‘The most visionary leaders continue to invest through downturns’. I agree and so too it seems does Andy…

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  • Customer loyalty in a post-COVID world

    How Customer Loyalty will change in a post-COVID world

    In this video, my guest is Paul Smitton, CEO at Asia Miles, part of Cathay Pacific, and we discuss: ‘Customer Loyalty in a post-COVID world’. In this week’s episode of…

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  • Response to artificial intelligence

    Digital executives’ response to artificial intelligence

      Digital executives’ response to artificial intelligence As Andrew Moore, Head of Google Cloud AI said in his 2019 Harvard Business Review article: “Sooner or later, every technology transitions from…

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  • How data has changed the job of the CMO

    How data has changed the job of the CMO

    In this video my guest is Gareth Jones, former-Chief Marketing Officer for ebay UK and we discuss: ‘How data has changed the job of the CMO’.   In this week’s…

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  • Gender diversity within data and technology

    Digital Careers meets Shan Flynn – senior HR professional

    In this video, my guest is Shan Flynn, experienced international human resources professional and we discuss: ‘How gender diversity within Data & Tech can be resolved’     I was…

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  • Digital Careers podcast launches

    Following the launch of BartonRock, I’m pleased to also release my new podcast series: ‘Digital Careers‘ which offers insights and advice on advancing your digital career as well as making your…

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  • eBook: 5 Steps to Hiring Great, Data-Savvy Digital Leaders

    It’s sobering to think that since 2000, over half the companies in the Fortune 500 have gone bankrupt, have been acquired or dropped off that list, largely due to the…

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  • BartonRock digital recruitment

    BartonRock launches digital search firm

    LONDON, 9th Sept, 2020. Guy Day, Founder of BartonRock, announced today that he has launched a boutique executive search firm specialising within digital. Focusing across the UK and internationally, BartonRock’s…

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