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The Three Types Of Digital Leader

Buying behaviour is altering faster than ever before with e-commerce set to be the biggest business disruptor. Between 2019 and 2023 online spending will almost double from US $3.5 trillion to $6.5 trillion.

Data is the foundation of every digital business. It’s the currency for companies and brands to develop stronger relationships with customers who now expect very efficient, personalised and technology-driven interactions.

Hiring in this area has understandably flourished as companies look to better embrace digital but how do you decide what type of digital leader is right for your company?  I see there being three types of digital leader and being clear on precisely what you’re looking to hire can determine the likelihood in successfully navigating any digital change.

Hiring data-savvy digital expertise is not straightforward. Companies should start the process by deciding where you are at in your digital journey. This will guide you towards understanding what you need, why and when and be clear on what you need your leader to do/be.

Here are the three types of digital leaders, which one is right for you?

Digital leader types:


This is a blue sky thinker who has a great vision. She or he might well be the pivotal leader who can develop a new business model to compete in the future. They might also be the individual to inspire and lead a company transformation to become more data-driven.


Every digital strategy has data at its heart but just knowing where to start can be the biggest challenge. This is where your technical digital leader will prepare the foundations on which the strategy can be built. She or he may not be equipped to develop a new model or lead a transformation but the technical digital leader will offer peace of mind that the data and technology is robust.


In an interview setting this is what most of our clients want to see and hear. Someone that can work well with commercial functions and is focused on the financial upside to support growth at all times.


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