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What Is Disrupting Our Top Tech Talent?

How Can You Protect Your Top Digital Talent from The Great Resignation?

I was recently a guest on Kate Thomas’ Leadership Effectiveness Podcast where we discussed the impact  the Great Resignation is having on the digital and tech sector.

• Research indicates that 40% of the workforce is considering leaving their employer this year

• In the data, digital and tech sectors, turnover is showing signs of picking up pace

• Individuals are looking to shift gear and search for new opportunities where they can jump into smaller, earlier stage tech companies with greater influence and impact on decision making

• Whilst financial drivers are still important when making a decision, the driver behind increasing numbers of candidates is currently a greater level of balance

• Top talent don’t want to fall behind in terms of skills development and growth opportunities in digital

• The need for companies to be proactive with their talent retention strategies is going to be crucial in the early part of 2022.

A few key questions I would be asking are:

❓Do you know the market worth of the best people you employ? Are you in-line with that?

❓Are you using your valued people to the full range of their skills and capability?

❓What’s their path for progression?

❓What do they want out of you as an employer?

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